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Chapter 19.Child Care and Development Programs Subchapter 12. Program Quality Article 2. General Program Requirements Education Program   

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(a) The standards for the child development and education program component shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

(1) The program approach is developmentally, linguistically, and culturally appropriate.

(2) The program is inclusive of children with special needs.

(3) The program encourages respect for the feelings and rights of others.

(4) The program supports children's social and emotional development by:

(A) Building trust;

(B) Planning routines and transitions so they can occur in a timely, predictable, and unhurried manner; and

(C) Helping children develop emotional security and facility in social relationships.

(5) The program provides for the development of each child's cognitive and language skills by:

(A) Using various strategies, including experimentation, inquiry, observation, play, and exploration;

(B) Ensuring opportunities for creative self-expression through activities such as art, music, movement, and dialogue;

(C) Promoting interaction and language use among children and between children and adults; and

(D) Supporting emerging literacy and numeracy development.

(6) The program promotes each child's physical development by providing sufficient time, indoor and outdoor space, equipment, materials, and guidelines for active play and movement.

(7) The program promotes and maintains practices that are healthy and safe.

Authority cited:

Education Code 8261


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(Amended by Register 2003, No. 39)