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Chapter 19. Child Care and Development Programs.Subchapter 1. Award of Funding for Child Care and Development Programs.Article 1. General Provisions.Definitions.   

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As used in this Chapter:(a) "Additional funds" means award of new contracts or expanded contracts which increase the contractor's level of administrative responsibility. Cost of living adjustments, rate increases, one-time-only supplemental funds and Alternative Payment program contingency funds are not considered to be "additional funds."

(b) "Applicants headquartered in" means:

(1) Contractors or applicants who have provided child care and development services in the service delivery area, as defined in section 18000(g) of this Division, for at least three years immediately preceding the date of the Request for Applications; or

(2) Contractors or applicants who have their primary administrative offices for the child development program in the service delivery area as defined in section 18000(g) of this Division. The primary administrative office is that office which houses the executive officer(s), the fiscal functions and other centralized support services.

(c) "Cost effective manner" for the purposes of Article 3 of this Chapter, means that services are provided at rates which are within the range of local market rates.

(d) "Extended day care" means before and after school care and care during school vacation days for children kindergarten age through the 9th grade.

(e) "New contract" means either:

(1) a contract award to applicants who do not currently contract with the California Department of Education for child care and development services; or

(2) a contract award to an existing contractor which is for a program type as specified in Education Code section 8208(h) that is different than the child development contract(s) currently administered by the applicant.

(f) "Request for Applications" means an announcement issued by the Child Development Division for competitive award of a new contract for child care and development services or expansion of an existing level of services. The Request for Applications includes:

(1) the application content requirements;

(2) procedures for submission of an application for funding; and

(3) the criteria to be used in evaluating the application.

(g) "Service delivery area" means the community, geographic area or political subdivision in which the child care and development services are to be provided as specified in the Request for Applications.

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