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(a) If the governing board of a school district finds that conditions of overcrowding, as defined by subdivision (a) of Section 65973 of the Government Code, exist in one or more attendance areas within the district that serve pupils who reside in housing, located within or adjacent to a project area, and that the conditions of overcrowding result from actions taken by the redevelopment agency in implementing the redevelopment plan, the governing board may transmit a written copy of those findings, together with supporting information, materials, and documents, to the redevelopment agency. The redevelopment agency shall conduct a public hearing within 45 days after receiving the findings to receive public testimony identifying the effects of the redevelopment plan on the impacted attendance area or areas and suggesting revisions to the plan as adopted or amended by the legislative body that would alleviate or eliminate the overcrowding in the attendance area or areas caused by the implementation of the redevelopment plan. The redevelopment agency shall send written notice of the public hearing to, and at the hearing receive public testimony from, any affected taxing entity. After receiving that testimony at the hearing, the agency shall consider amendments of the plan necessary to alleviate or eliminate that overcrowding and may recommend those amendments for adoption by the legislative body.

(b) Section 33353 does not apply to an amendment of the plan proposed pursuant to subdivision (a) when both of the following occur:

(1) The amendment proposes only to add significant additional capital improvement projects to alleviate or elimillate the overcrowding in the attendance area or area caused by the implementation of the plan.

(2) The amendment will delte capital improvement projects that are equivalent in financial impant ont any affected taxing entity or otherwise modify the plan in a way that the agency finds there will be no addtional financial impact or any affected taxing entity as a result of the amendment.

(c) Any funds received by a school district from a redevelopment agency to alleviate or eliminate the overcrowding in the attendance area or areas caused by implementation of a redevelopment plan as the result of a public hearing conducted pursuant to subdivsion (a) shall be used only for captial expendtiures.

(d) The governing body of a school district shall not make the findings permitted by subdivision (a) with respect to any project area more than once.

(e) This section applies only to redevelopment plans adopted pror to January 1, 1984.

(Added by Stats 1986, Ch. 886, Sec. 32.)