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Persons on the San Francisco System retired rolls on June 30, 1972   

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(a) All persons on the San Francisco system retired rolls on June 30, 1972, shall remain on the local rolls. The State Teachers' Retirement System shall continue the subvention in Section 24706 for those persons, shall apply the percentage update and annual improvement factor to payments being made under the Defined Benefit Program directly to those persons, and shall pay the retired death payment upon their death.

(b) The allowance that would have been payable had the member retired solely under the Defined Benefit Program, including the percentage update calculated under Sections 14332, 14333, and 14334, as enacted by Chapter 2 of the Statutes of 1959, as those sections read on December 31, 1974, shall be taken into account in computing the amount of increase for the ten dollar ($10) a month per year of service minimum unmodified allowance.

(Amended by Stats. 1998, Ch. 965, Sec. 221.)


Education Code 14332

Education Code 14333

Education Code 14334

Education Code 24706