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Medical examinations   

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The board may require a member receiving a disability retirement allowance under this part to undergo medical examination at such times as the board deems necessary. The system may request the member's treating physician, upon authorization by the retired member, to complete a medical reevaluation questionnaire. The system shall reimburse the retired member for all reasonable costs related to completion of this questionnaire in an amount not to exceed two hundred fifty dollars ($250) if the retired member has no other health coverage that would pay for the cost of completing the medical questionnaire. The board may authorize a medical examination to be conducted by the retired member's treating source at the retired member's expense and, in any case, may require a medical examination to be conducted by a physician selected by the board, in which event, the board shall pay all reasonable costs associated with the examination. The board shall, in scheduling medical examinations, give consideration to the interests and convenience of the retired member. If the examination, together with other available information, shows to the satisfaction of the board that the retired member is no longer disabled, the disability retirement allowance shall be terminated. Should the retired member refuse to submit to medical examination, as provided in this section, the member's disability retirement allowance shall be terminated and all rights of the retired member to the disability retirement allowance shall be revoked.

(Amended by Stats. 1998, Ch. 965, Sec. 173.)