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Chapter 24. Retired Death Benefits   

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(a) A death payment of not less than five thousand dollars ($5,000) shall be paid to the beneficiary, as designated pursuant to Section 23300, upon receipt of proof of death of either of the following:

(1) A retired member.

(2) A member, if the death payment pursuant to Section 23801 would have otherwise been payable or if the conditions specified pursuant to paragraphs (3) and (5) of subdivision (b) of Section 23854 are met, and if the member's death occurs during one of the following periods:

(A) Within one year commencing with the effective date of reinstatement from service retirement pursuant to Section 24208.

(B) Within six months commencing with the effective date of reinstatement from disability retirement pursuant to Section 24117.

(b) The board may adjust the death payment amount following each actuarial valuation based on changes in the All Urban California Consumer Price Index and adopt as a plan amendment any adjusted amount.

(Amended by Stats. 1998, Ch. 965, Sec. 143.)


Education Code 23300

Education Code 23801

Education Code 23854

Education Code 24117

Education Code 24208