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Options; Teachers' Retirement Law; Cancellation of option   

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(a) An option elected under Section 24300 or 24300.1 may be canceled by a retired member if the option beneficiary is not the retired member's spouse or former spouse. A retired member may cancel the option before or after issuance of the first retirement allowance payment and shall designate his or her spouse as the new option beneficiary and the same or a different joint and survivor option described in Section 24300.1.

(b) The retired member shall notify the board, in writing on a properly executed form provided by the system, of the designation of the new option beneficiary. Notification shall include a certified copy of the marriage certificate and a properly executed form for the change.

(c) The effective date of the new election shall be six months following the date notification is received by the board, provided both the retired member and the new designated option beneficiary are then living. If the effective date of the new option election is on or after January 1, 2007, at the time of the new election the retired member shall elect an option from the options described in Section 24300.1.

(d) The election of the option and designation of the option beneficiaries under this section and Section 24300.1 shall be subject to an actuarial modification of the retirement allowance. In no event may a retired member elect a joint and survivor option that would result in any additional liability to the fund. A retired member may not elect the compound option described in paragraph (4) of subdivision (a) of Section 24300.1. Modification of the retirement allowance because of the new option beneficiary and the new option shall be based on the ages of the retired member and the new option beneficiary as of the effective date of the new election.

(Amended by Stats. 2006, Ch. 655, Sec. 40.)


Education Code 24300

Education Code 24300.1