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School districts and county offices of education shall transmit to the department, on a timely basis, all budget reports, prior year expenditure reports, qualified and negative financial status reports, program cost accounting reports, certifications, and audit reports as prescribed by subdivision (l) of Section 1240, subdivision (g) of Section 35035, Sections 1621, 1623, 41020, 42127, 42131, and Chapter 7.2 (commencing with Section 56836) of Part 30, and those reports used to calculate the first, second, and annual principal apportionments and special purpose apportionments for school districts and county offices of education. If the reports are not submitted to the Superintendent of Public Instruction within 14 days after the submission date prescribed in the statute or specified by the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Superintendent of Public Instruction may direct the county auditor to withhold payment of any stipend, expenses, or salaries to the district superintendent, county superintendent, or members of the governing boards, as appropriate. The payments shall be withheld until the delinquent reports have been submitted to the department. If the county superintendent performs the functions of the county auditor, the Superintendent of Public Instruction may direct the county superintendent to withhold the payments specified in this section.

(Amended by Stats. 2004, Ch. 896, Sec. 36.)


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