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Chapter 30. Subrogation. Recover of benefits payable due to injury or death caused by third party   

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Notwithstanding Sections 11042 and 11043 of the Government Code, if a disability retirement allowance, disability allowance, family allowance, or survivor benefit allowance is payable under this part due to the injury to or death of a member and the injury or death is the proximate consequence of the act of a third person or entity, other than the member's employer, the board may, upon adoption of a resolution, recover from that person or entity on behalf of the plan, an amount equal to the actuarial equivalent of benefits paid under the plan because of the injury to or death of the member less any amounts the system may be obligated to pay under the plan without regard to the actions of the third party. This chapter shall be deemed to create a right of subrogation only to amounts paid as disability retirement allowances, disability allowances, family allowances, or survivor benefit allowances.

(Amended by Stats. 1996, Ch. 634, Sec. 256.)


Government Code 11042

Government Code 11043