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Apprentice positions   

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The commission may classify as apprentice positions certain positions where the principal requirement is that of learning to perform efficiently, by study and practice, specific duties concerning which a definite plan of systematic instruction and special supervision has been approved by the California Apprenticeship Council for the designated trade.

The apprenticeship training plan adopted by the governing board of the school district must be approved by the California Apprenticeship Council.

No assignment to any position classified as an apprentice position shall be allowed to continue beyond the predetermined apprenticeship period approved by the California Apprenticeship Council for the designated trade, except that the school district's joint apprenticeship committee may approve retention of an employee as an apprentice up to six months beyond the predetermined apprentice period.

Selection of eligibles shall be made in accordance with their position on employment lists established by competitive or qualifying examinations.

The provisions of Section 45134 shall be applicable to apprentice positions, provided that relative age may be considered as a factor in the ranking of candidates for apprentice positions.

Credit for prior training in a regularly indentured apprenticeship program shall be given to qualified candidates.

In all cases of apprenticeship probationary periods, the standards of duration and qualifications shall be fixed by the commission insofar as they do not exceed the maximum standards set up by the California Apprenticeship Council. Termination for cause may be prescribed for any apprentice who fails to attain the predetermined standards of apprenticeship or for causes as prescribed by the rules of the commission.

The commission shall recommend to the governing board a graduated scale of compensation rates for the various levels of apprentices, taking into consideration the percentage relationship to the districts' journeyman wage of the trade as provided in the statement of policies of the California Apprenticeship Council.

The commission may determine that promotional examinations shall be held for entrance into various levels of apprentice positions and entrance into journeyman positions in a skilled trade.

(Enacted by Stats. 1976, Ch. 1010.)


Education Code 45134