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Effective date of registration   

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Except as otherwise provided in this article, in any school district which is created or whose boundaries or status is changed by an action to reorganize districts, the changes shall be effective on the date when all of the following are completed:

(a) The determination of the assessed valuation of any district or districts affected by the action.

(b) The appointment or election of members of the governing board.

(c) The preparation and submission of the school district budgets.

(d) The election or appointment of an executive officer and other employees required to service the immediate needs of the district.

(e) The election or appointment of employees for the ensuing school year.

(f) The calling and conducting of any elections authorized by law relative to the financing of the district, including bonded indebtedness, tax rates, and State School Building Fund.

(g) The expenditure of funds available to the district.

(h) The exercise by the governing board of the school district of other powers and duties vested in governing boards of the districts of the same type of class and not inconsistent with other provisions of this code.

(i) The receipt and expenditure of funds transferred pursuant to Section 42623.

(j) The issuing and selling of bonds.

(Repealed and added by Stats. 1980, Ch. 1192, Sec. 2.)


Education Code 42623