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Selection procedures   

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The selection procedures for the designation of certificated classroom teachers as mentor teachers shall, at a minimum, provide for the following:

(a) A selection committee shall be established to nominate candidates for selection as mentor teachers. The majority of the committee shall be composed of certificated classroom teachers chosen to serve on the committee by other certificated classroom teachers. The remainder of the committee shall be composed of school administrators, chosen to serve on the committee by other school administrators. The governing board of a participating school district shall consider including parents, pupils, or other public representatives in the selection process, and may, at its option, include such persons.

(b) Candidates for mentor teacher shall be nominated by the majority vote of the selection committee.

(c) The selection process shall include provisions for classroom observation of candidates by administrators and classroom teachers employed by the district.

(d) The final designation of any person as a mentor teacher shall be by action of the governing board of the school district from persons nominated pursuant to subdivision (b). The governing board may reject any nominations.

(Repealed and added by Stats. 1983, Ch. 498, Sec. 28.)