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Legislative funding and declaration   

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The Legislature finds and declares that almost one million, or one of every five, pupils in California's public schools are of limited English proficiency, and that the number of those pupils is increasing rapidly. In addition, the number of primary languages spoken by California's limited-English-proficient pupils is increasing. The Legislature recognizes that limited-English-proficient pupils have the same right to a quality education as all California pupils. For these pupils to have access to quality education, their special needs must be met by teachers who have essential skills and knowledge related to English language development, specially designed content instruction delivered in English, and content instruction delivered in the pupils' primary languages. It is the intent of the Legislature that the Commission on Teacher Credentialing implement an assessment system to certify those teachers who have the essential skills and knowledge necessary to meet the needs of California's limited-English-proficient pupils.

(Added by Stats. 1992, Ch. 1050, Sec. 5.)