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Credential Types; Standards and Procedures   

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(a) The commission shall administer the state basic skills proficiency test pursuant to Sections 44227, 44252, and 44830 in accordance with rules and regulations adopted by the commission. A fee shall be charged to individuals being tested to cover the costs of the test, including the costs of developing, administering, and grading the test. The amount of the fee shall be established by the commission to recover the cost of examination administration and development pursuant to Section 44235.3.

(b) The commission may enter into agreements with other states permitting the use of the state basic skills proficiency test as a requirement for the issuance of credentials or for teacher preparation program admission in those other states, provided that the use would advance the interests of the State of California and that the other states reimburse the Teacher Credentials Fund for a proportionate share of costs of the development and administration of the test.

(c) An individual who passes the state basic skills proficiency test, as adopted by the Superintendent, shall be considered proficient in the skills of reading, writing, and mathematics, and shall not be required to be retested by this test for purposes of meeting the proficiency requirements of Sections 44227, 44252, and 44830.

(d) An individual who passes one or more components of the state basic skills proficiency test in the subjects of basic reading, writing, or mathematics shall be deemed to have demonstrated his or her proficiency in these subject areas and shall not be required to be retested in these subjects during subsequent test administrations.

(Amended by Stats. 2008, Ch. 518, Sec. 3.)


Education Code 44227

Education Code 44235.3

Education Code 44252

Education Code 44830