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Legal separation or dissolution of marriage   

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(a) Upon the legal separation or dissolution of marriage of a participant, the court shall include in the judgment or a court order the date on which the parties separated.

(b) The court may order in the judgment or court order that the participant's employee and employer credits in accounts which are attributable to periods of participation in the plan during the marriage be divided into separate nominal accounts in the name of the participant and the nonparticipant spouse, respectively. Any employee or employer account credits that are not explicitly awarded by the judgment or court order shall be deemed the exclusive property of the participant.

(c) The determination of the court of the community property rights pursuant to this section shall be consistent with this chapter and shall address the rights of the nonparticipant spouse, including, but not limited to, retirement benefits, disability benefits, death benefits, or termination of the benefits of the participant.

(Added by Stats. 1995, Ch. 592, Sec. 16.)