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Plan to provide supplemental benefits   

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(a) A plan established under this chapter that is intended to provide supplemental benefits only on account of service rendered before July 1, 1944, may be discontinued by the governing board of the district, subject to the following conditions:

(1) Notwithstanding Sections 35161, 35162, Article commencing with Section 7000) of Chapter 1, Article 2 (commencing with Section 10010) of Chapter 1 of Part 7, Article 1 (commencing with Section 12500) of Chapter 5 of Part 8, this part, Article 5 (commencing with Section 32340) of Chapter 3 of Part 19, and Part 25 (commencing with Section 44000), any teacher who is not retired on July 1, 1956, shall be entitled to the contributions made by him or her to the discontinued plan with interest credited in accordance with the rules and regulations of the local retirement plan up to and including June 30, 1957. Likewise, a teacher who retired prior to July 1, 1956, shall be entitled to a refund equal to the actuarial equivalent, at his or her attained age, of the annuity that would have been provided by the total contributions required of the member under the system, based on interest and mortality tables currently in use, less the amount of any contributions remaining unpaid on the date of discontinuance. The amount to which any teacher is entitled under this section shall be paid to him or her within 90 days of his or her request in writing on a form provided by and filed with the local retirement system. All requests shall be filed prior to July 1, 1959.

(2) The district in which the plan is discontinued shall pay monthly to teachers, who were retired prior to the date of the discontinuance, an amount equal to the amount by which the retirement allowance to which any of these retired teachers was entitled under the plan exceeds the increase in the teacher's retirement allowance under the State Teachers' Retirement System after the discontinuance. In lieu of the monthly payment, the district may elect to pay in a single sum the amount that shall be the actuarial equivalent to the monthly amount thereafter payable, according to the interest rate and mortality table currently in use under the plan. Payment of the amount shall discharge fully the district's liability to the teacher under this subdivision. The arrangement under which the amounts are paid by the district shall not be considered to be a local retirement system for the purposes of Chapter 1 (commencing with Section 22000) to Chapter 31 (commencing with Section 24600), inclusive, nor shall the amount be taken into account in the calculation of the retirement allowances under the State Teachers' Retirement System.

(b) Any person who was retired prior to July 1, 1956, from a position requisite for membership in the State Teachers' Retirement System, under a district supplemental retirement salary plan which has been discontinued pursuant to this section, and elected either under the plan or under the system, but not under both, to have a portion of his or her retirement allowance modified according to an option under which he or she would receive a smaller allowance and provide for a benefit for his or her beneficiary, that person shall have the right, to be exercised not later than 60 days after July 5, 1956, to change his or her election under the State Teachers' Retirement System with respect to those options. Any computations of actuarial equivalents under a changed election shall be made as of the effective date, and no adjustment shall be included in the computation on account of retirement allowance payments made prior to that date.

(c) When any local retirement plan is discontinued under this section, all funds remaining in the district retirement fund of the local system shall be transferred to the general fund of the school district in which the plan is discontinued. Thereafter any payments to meet continuing obligations of the district arising from the establishment or discontinuance of the plan shall be paid from the general fund of the district.

(Repealed and added by Stats. 1993, Ch. 893, Sec. 1 and 2.)


Education Code 7000

Education Code 10010 (Repealed)

Education Code 12500

Education Code 22000

Education Code 24600

Education Code 32340

Education Code 35161

Education Code 35162

Education Code 44000