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Santa Clara USD |  AR  3311.4  Business and Noninstructional Operations

Procurement Of Technological Equipment   

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Rather than seek competitive bids, the district may use competitive negotiation when it makes a finding that a district procurement is for computers, software, telecommunications equipment, microwave equipment, or other related electronic equipment and apparatus. Competitive negotiation shall not be used to contract for any product that is available in substantial quantities to the general public. (Public Contract Code 20118.2)

(cf. 0440 - District Technology Plan)

(cf. 3230 - Federal Grant Funds)

(cf. 3311 - Bids)

(cf. 3312 - Contracts)

Whenever the competitive negotiation process is determined to be appropriate for such procurements, the district shall use the following procedures: (Public Contract Code 20118.2)

1. The Superintendent or designee shall prepare a request for proposals (RFP) that shall be submitted to an adequate number of qualified sources, as determined by the district, to permit reasonable competition consistent with the nature and requirement of the procurement.

2. Notice of the RFP shall be published at least twice in a newspaper of general circulation, at least 10 days before the date for receipt of the proposals.

3. The Superintendent or designee shall make every effort to generate the maximum feasible number of proposals from qualified sources, and shall make a finding to that effect before proceeding to negotiate, if only a single response to the RFP is received.

4. The RFP shall identify all significant evaluation factors, including price, and their relative importance.

5. The Superintendent or designee shall provide reasonable procedures for the technical evaluation of the RFPs received, the identification of qualified sources, and the selection for the award of the contract.

6. The Governing Board shall award the contract to the qualified bidder whose proposal meets the evaluation standards and will be most advantageous to the district, considering price and all other factors.

7. If the Board does not award the contract to the bidder whose proposal contains the lowest price, then the Board shall make a finding setting forth the basis for the award to another bidder.

8. The Board, at its discretion, may reject all proposals and request new RFPs.

Provisions in any contract concerning utilization of small business enterprises that are in accordance with the RFP shall not be subject to negotiation with the successful proposer. (Public Contract Code 20118.2)

Legal Reference:


20118.2 Contracting by school districts; technological equipment


approved: May 25, 2017 Santa Clara, California