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Santa Clara USD |  BP  4355  Personnel

Management Retirement   

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As part of the 1995-1996 salary package management agreed to forego a 0.75% salary adjustment to fund five years of medical benefits for each member according to the following provisions.

Participation Requirements

1. Must be employed 5 years in the district as a member of the management team.

2. Must meet STRS/PERS retirement requirements.

3. Annual contributions will be equivalent to a 0.75% salary increase on the 1995-1996 management salary schedule increased by any COLA given to the management group.

Retirement Benefits

1. Medical benefits at the employee's preretirement level of employment only for five years from the date of retirement

Upon reaching age 65, the employee must enroll in a senior advantage program to maintain eligibility. The district will reimburse management retirees on a semi-annual basis for their contributions to Medicare Plan B, providing that the total cost of medical-only benefits does not exceed the approved cap.

2. Or if no medical taken, then retiree may take vision and dental

3. Or cash out with paid in contributions.

Non Retirement Benefits

Cash out paid in contributions when leaving the district.


adopted: September 26, 1996 Santa Clara, California

revised: April, 27, 2006

revised: May 12, 2016