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California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress   

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(a) The department shall ensure that local educational agencies comply with each of the following requirements:

(1) The achievement tests provided for in Section 60640 are scheduled to be administered to all pupils, inclusive of pupils enrolled in charter schools and exclusive of pupils exempted pursuant to Section 60640, during the period prescribed in subdivision (b) of Section 60640.

(2) For assessments that produce valid individual pupil results, the individual results of each pupil tested pursuant to Section 60640 shall be reported, in writing, to the parent or guardian of the pupil. The report shall include a clear explanation of the purpose of the test, the score of the pupil, and the intended use by the local educational agency of the test score. This subdivision does not require teachers or other local educational agency personnel to prepare individualized explanations of the test score of each pupil. It is the intent of the Legislature that nothing in this section shall preclude a school or school district from meeting the reporting requirement by the use of electronic media formats that secure the confidentiality of the pupil and the pupil's results. State agencies or local educational agencies shall not use a comparison resulting from the scores and results of the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) assessments and the assessment scores and results from assessments that measured previously adopted content standards.

(3) (A) For assessments that produce valid individual pupil results, the individual results of each pupil tested pursuant to Section 60640 also shall be reported to the school and teachers of a pupil. The local educational agency shall include the test results of a pupil in his or her pupil records. However, except as provided in this section and Section 60607, personally identifiable pupil test results only may be released with the permission of either the pupil's parent or guardian if the pupil is a minor, or the pupil if the pupil has reached the age of majority or is emancipated.

(B) Notwithstanding subparagraph (A) and pursuant to subdivision (c) of Section 60607, a pupil or his or her parent or guardian may authorize the release of individual pupil results to a postsecondary educational institution for the purpose of credit, placement, determination of readiness for college-level coursework, or admission.

(4) The districtwide, school-level, and grade-level results of the CAASPP in each of the grades designated pursuant to Section 60640, but not the score or relative position of any individually ascertainable pupil, shall be reported to the governing board of the school district at a regularly scheduled meeting, and the countywide, school-level, and grade-level results for classes and programs under the jurisdiction of the county office of education shall be similarly reported to the county board of education at a regularly scheduled meeting.

(b) The state board shall adopt regulations that outline a calendar for delivery and receipt of summative assessment results at the pupil, school, grade, district, county, and state levels. The calendar shall include delivery dates to the department and to local educational agencies. The calendar for delivery shall provide for the timely return of assessment results, and consider the amount of paper-and-pencil administered assessments and number of items requiring hand scoring. The calendar shall also ensure that individual assessment results are reported to local educational agencies within eight weeks of receipt by the contractor for scoring.

(c) Aggregated, disaggregated, or group scores or reports that include the results of the CAASPP assessments, inclusive of the reports developed pursuant to Section 60630, shall not be publicly reported to any party other than the school or local educational agency where the pupils were tested, if the aggregated, disaggregated, or group scores or reports are comprised of 10 or fewer individual pupil assessment results. Exclusive of the reports developed pursuant to Section 60630, in no case shall any group score or report be displayed that would deliberately or inadvertently make the score or performance of any individual pupil or teacher identifiable.

(d) The department shall ensure that pupils in grade 11, or parents or legal guardians of those pupils, may request results from grade 11 assessments administered as part of the CAASPP for the purpose of determining credit, placement, or readiness for college-level coursework be released to a postsecondary educational institution.

(Amended by Stats. 2014, Ch. 327, Sec. 22.)