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Broadcast Policy Guidelines For Cable Channel 26   

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Santa Clara Unified School District


For Photographs, Video And Student Created Work

With the emergence of technology and local cable channel access in schools and classrooms, students and teachers are now incorporating school/class productions into their curriculum and school events/activities. These productions may include newsletters, slide presentations, videos, multimedia projects and web pages, among others.

Our district and schools have official web sites on the Internet. The school and district websites feature information about upcoming events, staff information, links to class web pages and e-mail links to teachers and staff. You can visit the official school web sites by visiting the district web site at:

In partnership with the City of Santa Clara, the district now also operates a local cable-access channel. School events such as chorus recitals, sporting events and stage performances are broadcast to the Santa Clara community. You can tune into the local cable access:

Channel 26

The school/class productions for both the cable access channel and the Internet may contain student work and photos. In order for your student to have their picture taken or used, parent permission must be obtained. Please fill out the release agreement below and return it to your child's school.

Please be advised that under no circumstances will your child's name be used directly with his/her photograph. Also, only their first name would ever be used for any student work published in any production described above. This is for your child's safety. The only e-mail links on web pages will be those of the school's staff. Students will not be able to receive e-mail via the websites. No personal student information will be provided through either the websites or the cable channel.

I hereby give permission for Santa Clara Unified School District to broadcast, publish or use, in school or class productions (i.e., newsletters, slide presentations, videos, multimedia projects, web pages); any photos, work or other related class material(s) created by or including my child. I understand that the productions will not directly link any photos of my child with his/her name, and that for any published work, only the first name will be used.

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version: April 24, 2014 Santa Clara, California