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Information Practices Act Of 1977; Accounting Of Disclosures   

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With respect to the sale of information concerning the registration of any vehicle or the sale of information from the files of drivers' licenses, the Department of Motor Vehicles shall, by regulation, establish administrative procedures under which any person making a request for information shall be required to identify himself or herself and state the reason for making the request. These procedures shall provide for the verification of the name and address of the person making a request for the information and the department may require the person to produce the information as it determines is necessary in order to ensure that the name and address of the person are his or her true name and address. These procedures may provide for a 10-day delay in the release of the requested information. These procedures shall also provide for notification to the person to whom the information primarily relates, as to what information was provided and to whom it was provided. The department shall, by regulation, establish a reasonable period of time for which a record of all the foregoing shall be maintained.

The procedures required by this subdivision do not apply to any governmental entity, any person who has applied for and has been issued a requester code by the department, or any court of competent jurisdiction.

(Amended by Stats. 1989, Ch. 1213, Sec. 2.)