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Use of program funds for unique program function costs.   

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An SEA may use the funds available from its State Migrant Education Program (MEP) to carry out other administrative activities, beyond those allowable under §200.100(b)(4), that are unique to the MEP, including those that are the same or similar to administrative activities performed by LEAs in the State under subpart A of this part. These activities include but are not limited to—

(a) Statewide identification and recruitment of eligible migratory children;

(b) Interstate and intrastate coordination of the State MEP and its local projects with other relevant programs and local projects in the State and in other States;

(c) Procedures for providing for educational continuity for migratory children through the timely transfer of educational and health records, beyond that required generally by State and local agencies;

(d) Collecting and using information for accurate distribution of subgrant funds;

(e) Development of a statewide needs assessment and a comprehensive State plan for MEP service delivery;

(f) Supervision of instructional and support staff;

(g) Establishment and implementation of a State parent advisory council; and

(h) Conducting an evaluation of the effectiveness of the State MEP.

[68 FR 19152, Apr. 18, 2003]