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Use of an alternative method to distribute grants to LEAs with fewer than 20,000 total residents.   

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(a) For eligible LEAs serving an area with a total census population of less than 20,000 persons (hereinafter referred to as "small LEAs"), an SEA may apply to the Secretary to use an alternative method to distribute basic grant, concentration grant, targeted grant, and education finance incentive grant funds.

(b) In its application, the SEA must--

(1) Identify the alternative data it proposes to use; and (2) Assure that it has established a procedure through which a small LEA that is dissatisfied with the determination of its grant may appeal directly to the Secretary.

(c) The SEA must base its alternative method on population data that best reflect the current distribution of children from low-income families among the State's small LEAs and use the same poverty measure consistently for small LEAs across the State for all Title I, part A programs.

(d) Based on the alternative poverty data selected, the SEA must--

(1) Re-determine eligibility of its small LEAs for basic grants, concentration grants, targeted grants, and education finance incentive grants in accordance with Sec. 200.71; (2) Calculate allocations for small LEAs in accordance with the provisions of sections 1124, 1124A, 1125, and 1125A of the ESEA, as applicable; and (3) Ensure that each LEA receives the hold-harmless amount to which it is entitled under Sec. 200.73.

(e) The amount of funds available for redistribution under each formula is the separate amount determined by the Secretary under sections 1124, 1124A, 1125, and 1125A of the ESEA for eligible small LEAs after the SEA has made the adjustments required under Sec.


(f) If the amount available for redistribution to small LEAs under an alternative method is not sufficient to satisfy applicable hold-harmless requirements, the SEA must ratably reduce all eligible small LEAs to the amount available.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control numbers 1810-0620 and 1810-0622)

(Authority: 20 USC 6333-6337)

(Added by Federal Register, Vol.67, No.231 December 2,2002 effective January 2,2003.)