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Proof that the preliminary 20-day notice required by Section 3097 was served in accordance with subdivision (f) of Section 3097 shall be made as follows:

(a) If served by mail, by the proof of service affidavit described in subdivision (c) of this section accompanied either by the return receipt of certified or registered mail, or by a photocopy of the record of delivery and receipt maintained by the post office, showing the date of delivery and to whom delivered, or, in the event of nondelivery, by the returned envelope itself.

(b) If served by personally delivering the notice to the person to be notified, or by leaving it at his address or place of business with some person in charge, by the proof of service affidavit described in subdivision (c).

(c) A "proof of service affidavit" is an affidavit of the person making the service, showing the time, place and manner of service and facts showing that such service was made in accordance with Section 3097. Such affidavit shall show the name and address of the person upon whom a copy of the preliminary 20-day notice was served, and, if appropriate, the title or capacity in which he was served.

(Amended by Stats. 1979, Ch. 147, Sec. 1.)