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Works of Improvement; General   

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"Notice of cessation" means a written notice, signed and verified by the owner or his agent, containing all of the following:

(a) The date on or about when the cessation of labor commenced.

(b) A statement that such cessation has continued until the recording of the notice of cessation.

(c) The name and address of the owner.

(d) The nature of the interest or estate of the owner.

(e) A description of the site sufficient for identification, containing the street address of the site, if any. If a sufficient legal description of the site is given, the validity of the notice shall not, however, be affected by the fact that the street address is erroneous or is omitted.

(f) The name of the original contractor, if any, for the work of improvement as a whole.

(g) For the purpose of this section, "owner" means the owner who causes a building, improvement, or structure, to be constructed, altered, or repaired (or his successor in interest at the date of a notice of cessation from labor is filed for record) whether the interest or estate of such owner be in fee, as vendee under a contract of purchase, as lessee, or other interest or estate less than the fee. Where such interest or estate is held by two or more persons as joint tenants or tenants in common, any one or more of the cotenants may be deemed to be the "owner" within the meaning of this section. Any notice of cessation signed by less than all of such cotenants shall recite the names and addresses of all such cotenants.

The notice of cessation shall be recorded in the office of the county recorder of the county in which the site is located and shall be effective only if there has been a continuous cessation of labor for at least 30 days prior to such recording.

(Added by Stats. 1969, Ch. 1362, Sec. 2.)