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Schoolwide Programs   

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Schoolwide programs in general.

(a) Purpose. (1) The purpose of a schoolwide program is to improve academic achievement throughout a school so that all students, particularly the lowest-achieving students, demonstrate proficiency related to the State's academic standards under Sec. 200.1.

(2) The improved achievement is to result from improving the entire educational program of the school.

(b) Eligibility. (1) A school may operate a schoolwide program if--

(i) The school's LEA determines that the school serves an eligible attendance area or is a participating school under section 1113 of the ESEA; and (ii) For the initial year of the schoolwide program--

(A) The school serves a school attendance area in which not less than 40 percent of the children are from low-income families; or (B) Not less than 40 percent of the children enrolled in the school are from low-income families.

(2) In determining the percentage of children from low-income families under paragraph (b)(1)(ii) of this section, the LEA may use a measure of poverty that is different from the measure or measures of poverty used by the LEA to identify and rank school attendance areas for eligibility and participation under subpart A of this part.

(c) Participating students and services. A school operating a schoolwide program is not required to--

(1) Identify particular children as eligible to participate; or (2) As required under section 1120A(b) of the ESEA, provide services that supplement, and do not supplant, the services participating children would otherwise receive if they were not participating in a program under subpart A of this part.

(d) Supplemental funds. A school operating a schoolwide program must use funds available under subpart A of this part and under any other Federal program included under paragraph (e) of this section and Sec. 200.29 only to supplement the total amount of funds that would, in the absence of the Federal funds, be made available from non-Federal sources for that school, including funds needed to provide services that are required by law for children with disabilities and children with limited English proficiency.

(e) Consolidation of funds. An eligible school may, consistent with Sec. 200.29, consolidate and use funds or services under subpart A of this part, together with other Federal, State, and local funds that the school receives, to operate a schoolwide program in accordance with Sec. Sec. 200.25 through 200.29.

(f) Prekindergarten program. A school operating a schoolwide program may use funds made available under subpart A of this part to establish or enhance prekindergarten programs for children below the age of 6, such as Even Start programs or Early Reading First programs.

(Authority: 20 USC 6314)

(Amended by Federal Register, Vol.67, No.231, December 2,2002 effective Jan 2, 2003)