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Districts with under 200,000 ADA   

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(a) This section shall only be applicable to a district retirement salary plan in a unified district presently having an average daily attendance of less than 200,000 pupils and which was discontinued by the governing board of the district.

(b) The district shall continue to pay monthly to teachers and other persons who were retired prior to the date of the discontinuance an amount equal to the amount by which the retirement allowance to which any of the retired teachers or other persons were entitled under the district plan exceeds the increase in the teacher's or other person's retirement allowance under this part resulting from the discontinuance. The arrangement under which those amounts are paid by the district shall not be considered to be a local retirement system for the purposes of this part, nor shall those amounts be taken into account in the calculation of retirement allowances under this part.

(c) The reserve fund created by the district from the assets delivered to it by the discontinued district retirement plan under subdivision (c) of former Section 14690 prior to its repeal is continued in existence and the amounts payable under subdivision (b) of this section shall be paid from that reserve fund.

(Amended by Stats. 1996, Ch. 634, Sec. 271.)


Education Code 14690 (Repealed)