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Divistion 3 Obligations. Part 4 Obligations Arising From A Particular Transaction. Stop notice   

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Chapter 4 Stop Notice For Public Work. Article 3 Conditions To Service Of Stop Notice.

No later than 10 days after the filing of a notice of completion or after the cessation of labor has been deemed a completion of the public work or after the acceptance of completion, whichever is later, the public entity shall give notice of the expiration of such period to each stop notice claimant by personal service, or registered or certified mail. When service is by registered or certified mail, service is complete at the time of the deposit of the registered or certified mail in a United States post office, addressed to the claimant at the address shown upon his stop notice claim. No such notice need be given unless the claimant shall have paid to the public entity the sum of two dollars ($2) at the time of filing his stop notice.

(Added by Stats. 1969, Ch. 1362, Sec. 2.)