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Division 3 Obligations. Part 4 Obligations Arising From Particular Transaction. Stop notice.   

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"Stop notice" means a written notice, signed and verified by the claimant or his or her agent, stating in general terms all of the following:

(a) The kind of labor, services, equipment, or materials furnished or agreed to be furnished by such claimant.

(b) The name of the person to or for whom the same was done or furnished.

(c) The amount in value, as near as may be, of that already done or furnished and of the whole agreed to be done or furnished.

(d) The name and address of the claimant.

The notice, in the case of any work of improvement other than a public work, shall be delivered to the owner personally or left at his or her residence or place of business with some person in charge, or delivered to his or her architect, if any, if the notice is served upon a construction lender, holding construction funds and maintaining branch offices, it shall not be effective as against the construction lender unless given to or served upon the manager or other responsible officer or person at the office or branch thereof administering or holding the construction funds. The notice, in the case of any public work for the state, shall be filed with the director of the department which let the contract and, in the case of any other public work, shall be filed in the office of the controller, auditor, or other public disbursing officer whose duty it is to make payments under the provisions of the contract, or with the commissioners, managers, trustees, officers, board of supervisors, board of trustees, common council, or other body by whom the contract was awarded. No stop notice shall be invalid by reason of any defect in form if it is sufficient to substantially inform the owner of the information required.

Any stop notice may be served by registered or certified mail with the same effect as by personal service.

(Amended by Stats. 1988, Ch. 1627, Sec. 1.)