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San Carlos ESD |  AR  4312.4  Personnel

Health Examinations   

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Tuberculosis Tests

No applicant shall be initially employed by the district or employed under contract in a classified or certificated position unless, he/she has submitted to a tuberculosis risk assessment within the past 60 days, if tuberculosis risk factors are identified, has submitted to an intradermal or other approved tuberculosis examination to determine that he/she is free of infectious tuberculosis. If the results of the examination are positive, the applicant shall obtain an x-ray of the lungs. At his/her discretion, an applicant may choose to submit to the examination instead of the risk assessment. (Education Code 49406)

Prior to employment by the district, the applicant shall submit a certificate signed by an authorized health care provider stating that the applicant was assessed and/or examined and found to be free of infectious tuberculosis. (Education Code 49406)

The cost of the pre-employment tuberculosis examination shall be paid by the applicant.

An applicant who was previously employed in another California school district or private or parochial school shall be deemed to have fulfilled the tuberculosis testing requirement if he/she was found to be free of infectious tuberculosis within 60 days of initial hire or if his/her previous employer verifies that it has a certificate on file showing that the applicant is free from infectious tuberculosis (Education Code 49406)

Thereafter, each district employee who was found free of infectious tuberculosis shall undergo a tuberculosis risk assessment, and an examination whenever risk factors are identified, at least once every four years, or more often if so directed by the Governing Board upon recommendation of the county health officer. However, once an employee has a documented positive test for tuberculosis infection followed by an x-ray, he/she shall no longer be required to submit to the tuberculosis risk assessment but shall be referred to the county health officer within 30 days of the examination to determine the need for follow-up care. (Education Code 49406)

Tuberculosis risk assessments and/or examination for employees shall be provided by the district or at district expense. (Education Code 44839, 45122, 49406)

The Superintendent or designee may exempt a pregnant employee from the requirement that a positive tuberculin skin test be followed by an x-ray of the lungs, for a period not to exceed 60 days after the end of the pregnancy. (Education Code 49406)

Mental Examination for Certificated Employees

When ever the Board is considering the suspension or transfer of a certificated employee based on its reasonable belief that the employee is suffering from mental illness of such a degree as to render him/her incompetent to perform his/her duties, the employee shall be offered the opportunity of being examined by a three-member panel of psychiatrists and

psychologists in accordance with Education Code 44942. The employee shall select the members of the panel from a list of psychiatrists and psychologists provided by the district. The examination shall be conducted, at district expense, within 15 days of the ordered suspension or transfer. The employee shall submit to the examination, but shall also be entitled to present a report of any psychiatrist, psychologist, or physician of his/her own choice. (Education Code 44942).


approved: May 28, 2015 San Carlos, California