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Student Aides   

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The Governing Board recognizes that many benefits accrue from the use of student aides. When assisting on a one-to-one basis, peer tutors often provide the extra attention that enables a fellow student to grasp a difficult concept or to practice shaky skills to the point of mastery. Whether tutoring individuals or assisting in the class or laboratory, student aides themselves also benefit from this opportunity to reinforce their own abilities and learn by doing. Office assistants and attendance aides can acquire practical skills and familiarity with aspects of the school with which they would not normally have contact.

The Board also realizes that the time a student spends as an aide is time spent away from the academic setting in which students generally receive significant new instruction. Because our students need to acquire a wealth of information and abilities during their school years, the Board finds it appropriate to place reasonable limits upon activities which reduce the amount of time spent in regular classes. To this effect, the Superintendent shall provide regulations on the use of student aides within the district.

The Board expects that student aides as a group should reflect the diversity of each school's student population and include average students as well as those who excel.


adopted: November 13, 2003 San Carlos, California