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San Carlos ESD |  BP  3290  Business and Noninstructional Operations

Gifts, Grants And Bequests From Parents, Organizations And Other Donors   

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The Governing Board acknowledges and appreciates the generosity of the community, businesses and other organizations for their support of the students and staff of the San Carlos School District.

The Board graciously accepts bequests or gifts of money, material gifts, services, or equipment on behalf of the district when these gifts are offered without condition as to their use, and/or when specific fundraising efforts that have led to a gift have been pre-approved by the Superintendent, his/her designee, or by the Board (as outlined in BP 1321). Gifts accepted by the district become the property of the San Carlos School District.

In accepting grants, gifts and bequests, the Board will ensure that donations neither adversely affect the District nor substitute for the considered judgment of District staff on the best use of resources to provide an excellent education for all of our students. There are three primary principles that govern the District's policy on accepting donations:

1. Public education should provide an equal opportunity for all the children of our community to have a personal, creative, and challenging education that fosters life-long interest in learning.

2. The Board within statutory and regulatory parameters and with input from District staff and the community it serves has the primary responsibility of defining and structuring the educational program for the District.

3. Coordinated fundraising activities benefit the District by promoting clearer messaging, fewer requests for support and minimizing the potential for donor burnout.

Accordingly, the Governing Board strongly encourages donors to donate in a way that benefits the entire district rather than a specific school. The District will ensure that the acceptance of all gifts further the mission of the entire school district and will promote equitable programs, services, or opportunities across all schools.


adopted: January 30, 2014 San Carlos, California