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School Attendance Boundaries   

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The Governing Board has established school attendance boundaries in order to maximize the efficient use of district facilities and effective administration of district schools. These boundaries are known as Board Adopted Neighborhood Zones or "BANZ." As described below, students residing in a particular BANZ have a greater chance of enrollment in the school assigned to that BANZ. However, residing within a BANZ is not a guarantee of enrollment in a particular school. The Superintendent or designee shall periodically review school attendance boundaries and, as necessary, make recommendations to the Board for boundary adjustments.

When reviewing school attendance boundaries, the Superintendent or designee shall consider the following factors:

1. School enrollment data, including declining enrollment patterns

2. Facility capacity and design, including potential commercial and residential developments

3. School feeder patterns, including maintaining, to the extent practicable, continuity of student attendance

4. Federal, state, or court mandates

5. Community input

6. Student safety

7. Community and neighborhood identity

8. Geographic features of the district, including traffic patterns

9. Other factors as determined by the Board

Enrollment Priorities and Transfers

New K-8 students or currently enrolled students seeking transfers will be placed at SCSD schools through a lottery process. Separate lotteries will be held in order of the enrollment preferences listed below.

Students already enrolled in a specific SCSD School who wish to remain in that school are exempt from these procedures. Once a student is enrolled in a SCSD school (with the exception of TK students), s/he has a right to remain in that school only until promoted out of the grades served at that school. S/he does not have a priority right to voluntarily transfer to

another school within the district. This includes elementary level students who wish to matriculate in a particular SCSD middle school. Transitional kindergarten students enrolled at a specific elementary school within SCSD do not have the right to remain in that specific

school, and may be assigned to a new elementary school within the SCSD for kindergarten and/or first grade. Any student already enrolled in a specific SCSD School who wishes to transfer to another school will be subject to the same enrollment preferences and procedures as new students to the District.

These procedures apply only to newly enrolling Kindergarten through 8th grade students. They do not apply to District Transitional Kindergarten (TK) or Preschool students.

Students who live within the boundaries of the San Carlos School District have a right to placement in one of the SCSD Schools. Therefore, as listed below, these students will participate in the early lotteries. Once these students have been placed, the district will consider requests for out-of-district transfers to attend one of our charter schools. Every effort will be made to accommodate parents' requests to have a child attend a school of his/her choosing, but no guarantees can be made in these regards.

The following enrollment preferences will be imposed to determine the priority order by which the SCSD will hold lotteries for the enrollment of K-8 new students to the District; current K-8 students requesting transfers from one school to another within the District; and students wishing to be promoted from a SCSD elementary to a SCSD middle school:

1. Newly enrolling students who live within the boundaries of SCSD, except transitional kindergarten students, in the following priority order:

a. Requesting to attend assigned School as per "BANZ" (Board Adopted Neighborhood Zone)

(1) With a sibling who will concurrently be attending that school

(2) All others living within that BANZ

b. Requesting a school outside his/her BANZ

(1) With a sibling(s) who will concurrently be attending that school

(2) Students who reside within the District and whose parent/guardian is assigned to that school as his/her primary place of employment

(3) All others who live within SCSD boundaries

c. Students who through legal court order or contractual arrangement are given status of resident of the boundaries of SCSD: Tinsley, children of District employees, etc.

2. "Affiliated Families" - students living outside the bounds of SCSD but who currently attend (or whose siblings attend) a SCSD school

a. Students requesting to attend a school within the District where their sibling(s) will concurrently attend

b. Students wishing to attend a different school within the District

c. Newly entering elementary school students whose siblings will concurrently be attending a SCSD middle school

3. Students living outside of the District who attend a school on the State's Open Enrollment Act list

4. Students living in the City of San Carlos but who live outside the bounds of the SCSD

5. All other residents of California.

The Board authorizes the Superintendent to transfer a student to any school within the District, regardless of enrollment priorities, under special circumstances. Such circumstances shall include but not be limited to: students who are the victims of violent crimes; students who are the victims of documented bullying or threats; and in order to maintain appropriate racial and ethnic balances among District schools.

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adopted: January 16, 2014 San Carlos, California