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Solicitation Of Funds   

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The Governing Board appreciates fundraising built on the enthusiasm of parents and community members as they work to support our schools. Organizations outside of the district shall not fundraise on behalf of the district or a specific school without prior written consent of the Board or Superintendent/designee. Organizations affiliated with the district shall follow the District Fundraising Approval Process prior to beginning any fundraiser.

Other than in the case of the exceptions noted below, the Board does not approve of students, particularly younger children (grades K-3), being used as conduits for selling. No student shall be coerced into fundraising efforts through promises or even a chance of being "rewarded". School fundraisers shall not impede upon instructional time.

Student Involvement in Fundraising Exceptions

The Board recognizes that older students (grades 4-8) may on occasion take the initiative to fundraise as part of a school leadership activity or a community service effort. Additionally, all students may participate in "sponsorship" activities that involve and encourage physical activity and community building (e.g., fun runs, walk-a-thons, etc.), or which are in some way connected to a school-based educational activity (e.g., ROPEs).

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that parents/guardians and community members are informed of the purpose of any fund-raiser.


approved: December 12, 2013 San Carlos, California