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Apprenticeship programs   

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(a) This section applies when a building and construction trades industry program applies to the Chief of the Division of Apprenticeship Standards for approval of a new apprenticeship program or for the expansion of an existing apprenticeship program into a new occupation or geographic area. The requirements of this section are in addition to other requirements that may be imposed by statute or regulation.

(b) (1) An applicant for a new or expanded apprenticeship program under subdivision (a) shall submit to the chief a written plan that sets out the number of new apprentices the applicant seeks to enroll during the next five years in the new or expanded program, new occupation, or new geographic area. The plan must include the applicant's budget for training the new apprentices and a detailed explanation of how the applicant intends to provide sufficient funding to meet that budget.

(2) The applicant shall submit to the chief a written plan providing a reasonable timetable to obtain sufficient commitments from employers to employ the new apprentices so as to ensure, to the extent feasible, consistent with the rates of employment for existing programs in good standing in the applicable trade, that the new apprentices will be employed continuously throughout the entire term of apprenticeship.

(3) The applicant shall submit to the chief verifiable evidence that the applicant has obtained, or will obtain, suitable and adequate facilities to train the new apprentices. The chief, or his or her representative, shall personally inspect the facilities within six months after the final approval of the program.

(4) The applicant shall submit to the chief a plan for the recruitment and selection of the new apprentices. The plan shall include advertising of the new apprenticeship opportunities within the geographic area and outreach to organizations that promote apprenticeship opportunities to women and underrepresented minorities.

(c) The chief shall not approve an application that fails to meet any of the requirements of this section. If the chief does not approve an application because of its failure to comply with this section, the chief shall within 90 days provide the applicant with a detailed explanation of the deficiencies in the application and recommendations for addressing those deficiencies to obtain program approval. The applicant may submit a new or amended application to the chief within 90 days of receipt of the chief's recommendations. The chief shall provide a detailed response to a new or amended application within 90 days of its receipt.

(Added by Stats. 2011, Ch. 696, Sec. 2.)