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Employee Health Insurance; Enrollee Contribution   

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In the event that the employer fails to collect or transmit the enrollee contribution provided for under this part in a timely manner, the employer shall become liable for a penalty of 200 percent of the amount that the employer has failed to collect or transmit, and the employee shall be relieved of all liability for that failure. In no event shall the employer's failure to collect or transmit the required enrollee's contribution or to provide enrollment information about an employee affect the employee's coverage arranged pursuant to Chapter 3 (commencing with Section 2130), nor may an employer withhold or collect any amount that is not withheld and transmitted in the manner and at such times as specified by the Employment Development Department pursuant to this part. An employee for whom enrollment information is not otherwise received by the board may demonstrate eligibility for coverage by any reliable means of demonstrating employment as provided for in regulation. To the extent feasible, the board shall work with the Employment Development Department to facilitate the provision of information regarding the eligibility of enrollees and to provide information regarding any failure of an employer to collect or transmit employee contributions as required by this part.

(Added by Stats. 2003, Ch. 673, Sec. 2.)