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(a) For the purpose of providing greater diversity of training or continuity of employment, any apprentice agreement made under this chapter may in the discretion of the California Apprenticeship Council be signed by an association of employers or an organization of employees instead of by an individual employer. In that case, the apprentice agreement shall expressly provide that the association of employers or organization of employees does not assume the obligation of an employer but agrees to use its best endeavors to procure employment and training for an apprentice with one or more employers who will accept full responsibility, as herein provided, for all the terms and conditions of employment and training set forth in the agreement between the apprentice and employer association or employee organization during the period of the apprentice's employment. The apprentice agreement shall also expressly provide for the transfer of the apprentice, subject to the approval of the California Apprenticeship Council, to an employer or employers who shall sign a written agreement with the apprentice, and if the apprentice is a minor, with the apprentice's parent or guardian, as specified in Section 3079, contracting to employ the apprentice for the whole or a definite part of the total period of apprenticeship under the terms and conditions of employment and training set forth in the apprentice agreement.

(b) All apprenticeship programs with more than one employer or an association of employers shall include provisions sufficient to ensure meaningful representation of the interests of apprentices in the management of the program.

(Amended by Stats. 1999, ch. 903, Sec. 8.)