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Range of fees.   

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(a) Annually, commencing on November 1, 1986, the administrative director shall publish the range of fees for initial comprehensive industrial medical-legal reports charged by independent medical examiners, agreed medical examiners, and physicians examining for either the applicant or defendant for the 12 months ending the previous June 30.

(b) The range of charges shall be shown by five specialty categories: orthopedics, internal medicine and cardiology, neurology, psychiatry, and all others. The 80th percentile of these charges, adjusted by multiplying the 80th percentile by one plus one-half of the percentage change in the Physician Fee Index published by the California Medical Association for the 12 months ending the previous June 30, shall be shown in all instances.

(c) Charges of all physicians providing initial comprehensive industrial medical-legal reports shall be rebuttably presumed reasonable if the charges do not exceed the 80th percentile of fees in the appropriate specialty as established in subdivision (b). Charges exceeding the 80th percentile for the involved specialty may be found reasonable if accompanied by supporting information provided by the physician.

(Amended by Stats. 1985, Ch. 428, Sec. 3.)