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Asbestos claim against third party.   

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Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to preclude the filing by an asbestos worker of a claim or suit for damages or indemnity against any person other than his or her employer. The Asbestos Workers' Account shall be entitled to recover from, and shall have a first lien against, any amount which is recoverable by the injured employee pursuant to civil judgment or settlement in relation to a claim for damages or indemnity for the effect of exposure to asbestos, for all compensation benefits paid to the injured employee by the Asbestos Workers' Account which have not previously been recovered from the responsible employer or employers by the Asbestos Workers' Account. Recovery by the Asbestos Workers' Account pursuant to the provisions of this section shall not have the effect of extinguishing or diminishing the liability of the responsible employer or employers to the injured employee for compensation payable under the provisions of this division.

(Added by Stats. 1980, Ch. 1041, Sec. 1.)