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Claims And Actions Against The District   

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The Governing Board intends that the district's operations minimize risk, protect district resources, and promote the safety of students, staff, and the public. Any and all claims for money or damages against the district shall be presented to and acted upon in accordance with Board policy and administrative regulation.

Claims for money or damages not governed by the Government Claims Act (Government Code 810-996.6) or excepted by Government Code 905 shall be presented consistent with the manner and time limitations in the Government Claims Act, unless a procedure for processing such claims is otherwise provided by state or federal law. Such compliance is a prerequisite to any court action consistent with the provisions of Government Code 945.4.

Roster of Public Agencies

1. The Superintendent or designee shall file the information required for the Roster of Public Agencies with the Secretary of State and the County Clerk. Any changes to such information shall be filed within 10 days after the change has occurred. (Government Code 53051)

2. This information shall include the name of the school district, the mailing address of the Board, and the names and addresses of the Board presiding officer, the Board clerk or secretary, and other members of the Board. (Government Code 53051)

Legal Reference:


35200 Liability for debts and contracts

35202 Claims against districts; applicability of Government Code


340.1 Damages suffered as result of childhood sexual abuse


adopted: June 6, 2010 Sacramento, California

reviewed: April 23, 2015