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Age of Admittance to Kindergarten and First Grade

At the beginning of each school year, the Superintendent or designee shall enroll any otherwise eligible child who will have his/her fifth or sixth birthday on or before September 1 of that year into kindergarten or first grade, as applicable (Ed Code 48000, 48010).

Any child who will have his/her fifth birthday from September 2 through December 2 of the school year shall be offered a transitional kindergarten (TK) program in accordance with law and Board policy. (Education Code 48000). The District at its sole discretion may extend this date to include child with a birthdate through December 31.

A half-year TK program may be offered for students who have late birthdays, if the district has capacity and there is sufficient interest and funding for the program.

Staff may assess any enrolled kindergarten or TK student for placement in either grade if the parent appeals to the Education Services Department. Assessments will be completed after 20 days of school and placement changes made based on program availability, and the child's academic and social-emotional readiness.

(cf. 5123 - Promotion/Acceleration/Retention)

(cf. 6170.1 - Transitional Kindergarten)


approved: March 29, 2019 Morgan Hill, California