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Facilities Master Plan   

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The Board of Trustees recognizes the importance of long-range planning for school facilities in order to help meet the changing needs of district students and to help ensure that resources are allocated in an efficient and effective manner. To that end, the Board directs the Superintendent/Principal or designee to develop and maintain a master plan for district facilities.

The plan shall describe the district's anticipated short- and long-term facilities needs and priorities and shall be aligned with the district's educational goals.

(cf. 0000 - Vision)

(cf. 7000 - Concepts and Roles)

(cf. 7111 - Evaluating Existing Buildings)

(cf. 7131 - Relations with Local Agencies)

(cf. 7210 - Facilities Financing)

The Superintendent/Principal or designee shall ensure that staff, parents/guardians, students, and business and community representatives are kept informed of the need for construction and modernization of facilities and of the district's plans for facilities. The Superintendent/Principal or designee may also establish a facilities committee that shall meet at regular intervals in order to give community members opportunities to provide input into the planning process. The committee may consult local governmental and state planning agencies in order to ensure compliance with local and state standards.

(cf. 1220 - Citizen Advisory Committees)

At least 45 days prior to completion of any facilities plan that relates to the potential expansion of the existing school sites or the necessity to acquire additional school sites, the Superintendent/Principal or designee shall notify and provide copies of the plan or any relevant and available information to the planning commission or agency of the city or county with land use jurisdiction within the district. (Government Code 65352.2)

If the city or county commission or agency requests a meeting, the Superintendent/Principal or designee shall meet with them within 15 days following the notification. Items that the parties may discuss at the meeting include, but are not limited to, methods of coordinating planning with proposed revitalization efforts and recreation and park programs, options for new school sites, methods of maximizing the safety of persons traveling to and from the site, and opportunities for financial assistance. (Government Code 65352.2)

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adopted: January 12, 2004 Los Olivos, California