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Los Olivos SD |  AR  4261.3  Personnel

Professional Leaves   

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The Board of Trustees may grant a leave of absence of up to one year to classified employees for the purpose of permitting study or retraining the employee to meet changing conditions within the district (Education Code 45381)

(cf. 4161/4261 - Leaves)

(cf. 4231 - Staff Development)

To be eligible for a leave for study purposes, the employee must have served in the district for at least seven consecutive years preceding the leave, unless the leave is for purposes of retraining, in which case the employee must have served in the district for at least three consecutive years. Sick leave shall not be deemed a break in service, except if it will not be included as service in computing service for the granting of any subsequent professional leave. (Education Code 45382)

No more than one such leave of absence shall be granted in each seven or three-year period. (Education Code 45382)

The Board may require that such leaves of absence be taken in separate six-month periods or in any other appropriate periods as long as the total leave is completed within three years. Any period of service by the employee between the separate periods of leave shall comprise a part of the service required for qualifying for a subsequent leave of absence. (Education Code 45381)

Every employee granted a leave of absence for these purposes may be required to perform such services during the leave as the Board and employee may agree upon in writing. (Education Code 45383)

The employee shall receive such compensation during the leave as the Board and employee agree upon in writing, which shall be not less than the difference between the employee's salary and the salary of a substitute employee. In lieu of such a difference, the Board may pay one-half of the salary of the employee or any additional amount up to and including the full salary of the employee. (Education Code 45383)

Compensation during the leave shall be paid in the manner authorized by Education Code 45384.

The Board may grant reimbursement of the costs, including tuition fees, to any permanent classified employee who satisfactorily completes approved training to improve his/her job knowledge, ability or skill. Programs eligible for reimbursement include, but are not limited to, courses of study at approved academic institutions, seminars and training institutes conducted by recognized professional associations, conferences, meetings and other training

programs designed to upgrade the classified service and encourage the retraining of employees who may otherwise be subject to layoff as the result of technological changes. (Education Code 45387)

Legal Reference:


45380-45387 Leaves of absence for study or retraining, classified personnel


approved: May 10, 2004 Los Olivos, California