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Los Olivos SD |  BP  3516  Business and Noninstructional Operations

Emergencies And Disaster Preparedness Plan   

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In order to save lives and protect property, all district staff and students must be prepared to respond quickly and responsibly to emergencies, disasters and events which threaten to result in a disaster.

The Superintendent/Principal or designee shall develop and maintain a disaster preparedness plan which details provisions for handling all foreseeable emergencies and disasters. The Superintendent/Principal or designee may appoint a committee to regularly review the disaster preparedness plan and recommend changes.

District plans shall address at least the following situations:

1. Fire on or off school grounds which endangers students

2. Natural or man-made disasters

(cf. 3516.3 - Earthquake Emergency Procedure System)

3. Bomb threat or actual detonation

(cf. 3516.2 - Bomb Threats)

4. Attack or disturbance by individuals or groups

(cf. 0450 - Comprehensive Safety Plan)

(cf. 1400 - Relations between Other Governmental Agencies and the Schools)

(cf. 3514 - Environmental Safety)

(cf. 3515 - Campus Security)

(cf. 3515.2 - Disruptions)

(cf. 3530 - Risk Management/Insurance)

(cf. 5131.4 - Campus Disturbances)

The Superintendent/Principal or designee should ensure that the plan includes:

1. Procedures for personal safety and security

2. Ways to ensure smooth administrative control of operations during a crisis

3. Procedures to establish a clear, effective communications system

4. Guidelines for law enforcement involvement, including specific steps for law enforcement intervention depending upon the intensity of the crisis

The Superintendent/Principal or designee shall use state-approved Standard Emergency Management System guidelines when updating district emergency and disaster preparedness plans.

The Superintendent/Principal or designee shall consult with city and/or county agencies so that district plans may provide the best possible way of handling each situation and also provide for emergency communications systems between these agencies and the district school.

The Superintendent/Principal or designee may provide a plan which allows bus seating capacity limits to be exceeded when a disaster or hazard requires students to be moved immediately to ensure their safety. (Education Code 38051)

(cf. 3543 - Transportation Safety and Emergencies)

Disaster preparedness exercises shall be held regularly at the school and shall demonstrate how safety procedures may be applied to various types of emergencies. All students and employees shall receive instruction regarding emergency plans.

The Board encourages all employees to become proficient in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The Superintendent/Principal or designee shall ascertain that at least one staff member at the school holds a valid certificate in these areas. The Superintendent/Principal or designee shall provide for CPR inservice training to be offered at least once a year for district staff.

Legal Reference:


32000-32004 Uniform fire signals (with requirement that every school building with capacity of 50 or more students be provided with a fire warning system)

32040 Duty to equip school with first aid kit

35295-35297 Earthquake emergency procedures

38051 Operating overloaded bus

38132 Mass care and welfare shelters

46390-46392 Emergency average daily attendance in case of disaster

49505 Natural disaster; meals for homeless students; reimbursement


3100 Public employees as disaster service workers

8607 Standard emergency management system


550 Fire drills

560 Civil defense and disaster preparedness plans


2400 et seq. Standardized Emergency Management System Regulations

Management Resources:


0224.94 Contingency Planning for School Campus Emergencies, CIL: 93/94-04


Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) Guidelines, March 1995

SEMS Approved Course of Instruction, March 1995


adopted: March 8, 2004 Los Olivos, California