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Proportionate Direct Costs for Use of School Facilities and Grounds. Definitions   

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(a) ?Applicant? means the direct cost fee payer requesting use of school facilities or grounds under the Civic Center Act (Education Code section 38130, et seq).

(b) ?Direct costs? are the estimated costs identified by a school district as follows:

(1) ?Capital direct costs? includes the estimated costs for maintenance, repair, restoration, and refurbishment, for use of the school facilities or grounds under the Civic Center Act.

(A) For purposes of estimating capital direct costs, ?school facilities? shall be limited to nonclassroom space, but may apply to specialty teaching spaces including but not limited to, dance studios, music practice or performance spaces and theaters.

(B) Capital direct costs do not apply to classroom-based programs that operate after school hours, including, but not limited to, after school programs, tutoring programs, or child care programs.

1. A program is defined as classroom-based for purposes of this subdivision if participants spend at least 50 percent of operational hours in a classroom.

(C) Capital direct costs do not apply to organizations retained by the school or school district to provide instruction or instructional activities to pupils during school hours.

(2) ?Operational direct costs? includes the estimated costs of supplies, utilities, janitorial services, services of school district employees, and/or contracted workers and salaries and benefits paid to school district employees directly associated with the administration of the Civic Center Act to operate and maintain school facilities or grounds.

(c) The term ?school grounds? shall include, but not be limited to, playing fields, athletic fields, track and field venues, tennis courts, and outdoor basketball courts.

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(Added by Register 2014, No. 19.)