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Priorities; eligibility   

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(a) Migratory children shall be served according to their needs in the following order:

(1) School-aged currently migratory children.

(2) School-aged former migratory children.

(3) Preschool currently migratory children.

(4) Preschool former migratory children.

(b) A project may provide instructional or supporting services to former migratory children only if the participation of these children does not prevent the participation of currently migratory children in the same preschool or school-aged group, and does not dilute the effectiveness of the state migrant education program for currently migratory children.

(c) Eligibility provisions shall be determined in a manner consistent with federal statutes and regulations.

(Repealed and added by Stats. 1981, Ch. 942, Sec. 4.)