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Participation Of Indian Pupils   

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1. The district superintendent shall ensure that the officials of the Barona tribe, the chairperson of the Title IV-A Parents Education Committee, and parents are periodically notified of district programs. Such notice shall include an annual invitation to address the participation of Indian children at a school board meeting during the first two months of each school year. Participation of Indian children shall be an agenda topic. The agenda will address:

a. the planning and development of educational programs that are assisted with P.L. 81-874 funds;

b. the needs of Indian children and the benefits to be derived from P.L. 81-874 money; and

c. the P.L. 81-874 application, program planning and evaluations.

The Parent Education Committee will review the district's Indian Policies and Procedures and recommend revisions if found necessary.

2. The Student Identification System will be used to identify Indian students and to identify the programs in which they have been involved. In addition, teachers will be requested to submit a copy of the year-end report cards for all Indian students. These two reports will be used to provide the governing board and the tribal officials with a summary of participation rates and student needs. No personally identifying data will be used in the summary. If rates demonstrate that Indian children do not appear to be participating on an equal basis, the district and tribal representatives will meet to develop a plan for increased participation.

3. Copies of P.L. 81-874 applications, evaluations of any programs that are targeted specifically to receive P.L. 81-874 funds and notification regarding changes in school site programs will be sent in a timely manner to parents and tribal officials. "Timely fashion" means that the parents and tribal officers will receive notice in adequate time to convene a tribal meeting and a Parent Education Committee meeting to discuss such items and to make comment to district officials prior to final action by the district. District representatives shall attend such tribal meetings as are requested by tribal officials.

4. Indian parent participation on School Site Councils will be encouraged and each school site plan will include consideration for equal participation of Indian children in school programs. Tribal officials and Indian parents will be notified regarding School Site Committee meetings. If tribal officials and Indian parents believe the School Plan does not provide equal access they may direct their concern to the governing board, and an agenda item will be designated for discussion and reasonable efforts at resolution of the concerns will be made. The Parent Education Committee will review Indian input and recommend modifications in the Indian Policies and Procedures, if found necessary.


approved: February 11, 2016 Lakeside, California

revised: February 9, 2017