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Lakeside Union SD (Lakeside) |  AR  6146.5  Instruction

Elementary/Middle School Graduation Requirements   

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The Governing Board places emphasis on high academic standards with all students assuming responsibility for their actions. This regulation encourages all students to be promoted.

Academic Standards

Diplomas will be awarded at eighth grade promotion ceremonies to those students who are in "good standing." "Good standing" is indicated by 1) a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 1.5 or higher for all classes taken in the district in which a grade is recorded and 2) a GPA of 1.5 during the eighth grade.

Students who are not in "good standing" and who are not retained shall be promoted with a certificate of attendance. Participation in promotion ceremonies shall be at the sole discretion of the principal, following a conference with the student and/or the student's parents/guardians, if requested.

Behavior Standards

A student may successfully complete all academic requirements for promotion but may be denied the opportunity to participate in any or all end-of-the-year promotion activities due to inappropriate or disruptive behavior. Suspended or expelled students will not participate in any school functions. The principal will inform the student and parent/guardian. Students who are preempted from promotion activities but who successfully complete all academic requirements will be promoted and the diplomas will be mailed home.


approved: December 11, 2008 Lakeside, California