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Lakeside Union SD (Lakeside) |  AR  6145.5  Instruction

Student Organizations And Equal Access   

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School Clubs and Societies

Student clubs and student body organizations shall be approved by the principal and supervised by members of the certificated staff. These groups shall be open and accessible to students who qualify for participation. Discriminatory practices and secret societies shall not be allowed.

1. Authority: The principal shall be the authority to decide if a student group or organization shall be established or continued; and shall approve programs, projects, and activities of all students, student clubs, and organizations within the school.

2. Continuing Evaluation: The principal shall ensure that continuing evaluation is made of the activities of all student clubs and organizations at the school.

Nonschool Clubs

Cheer Activities

No district supervision will be provided for these activities. Cheerleader competition activities must be conducted under the direction of a knowledgeable advisor and/or coach. American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors (AACCA) certification is required to conduct cheer activities within the district. Program advisors and coaches will be allowed a one year grace period to obtain this certification from the dates these guidelines are approved and they must certify their intent to obtain this certification to the district. Cheer teams are required to follow Guidelines of the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors, which are included with this regulation.

Cheer spirit/pep activities (non-gymnastic/non-stunt) may be conducted at elementary and/or middle schools and are restricted to children who attend those individual schools.

Cheer spirit/pep activities (including gymnastics) will only be permitted for middle school students.

Cheer competition/spirit/pep squad activities will not be district sponsored.

Cheer teams may be advertised through schools, but only to the extent that other community activities are advertised. It must be stated on the advertisements that cheerleading activities are not sponsored, supervised, or controlled by the school or the district.

Should cheer teams choose to use school facilities, they must apply to use school facilities in the same manner as other community organizations. An Application and Permit for Use of School Facilities must be completed and executed by community organizations that use

school facilities and are subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement. This agreement requires the users of district premises to provide proof of liability insurance for their organization by providing the district with a Certificate of Insurance that has a minimum liability limit of $1,000,000 per incident. Organizations must also name the district as an additional insured on their liability policy, and provide the additional inured endorsement to the district. In addition, cheer organizations must require and provide proof of accidental medical insurance for cheer squad members as a condition of participation.

School custodians should inspect facilities for safety features/hazards prior to use by cheer squads if the cheer leading activities are conducted on district premises.


approved: September 17, 2012 Lakeside, California