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Interdistrict Attendance   

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An interdistrict attendance permit shall not exceed a term of five years. Each permit shall stipulate the terms and conditions established by both districts under which interdistrict attendance shall be permitted, denied, or revoked, and any standards for reapplication. (Education Code 46600)

Once a student is enrolled in a school, he/she shall not be required to reapply for an interdistrict transfer and shall be allowed to continue to attend the school in which he/she is enrolled, unless reapplication standards are otherwise specified in the permit. (Education Code 46600)

The Superintendent or designee may deny initial requests for interdistrict attendance permits if school facilities are overcrowded at the relevant grade level or based on other considerations that are not arbitrary. However, once a student is admitted, the district may not deny him/her continued attendance because of overcrowded facilities at the relevant grade level.

Denial of IDT Permits

Within 30 days of a request for an interdistrict permit, the Superintendent or designee shall notify the parents/guardians of a student who is denied interdistrict attendance regarding the process for appeal to the County Board of Education as specified in Education Code 46601. (Education Code 46601)

(cf. 5145.6 - Parental Notifications)

Students who are under consideration for expulsion or who have been expelled may not appeal interdistrict attendance denials or decisions while expulsion proceedings are pending or during the term of the expulsion. (Education Code 46601)

(cf. 5119 - Students Expelled from Other Districts)

(cf. 5144.1 - Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process)

A denial of an application to attend a school outside of the student's attendance area may be appealed to the Superintendent or designee. All students approved to attend a school outside of his/her attendance area will be required to maintain regular attendance and a positive discipline record at such school. The District will follow the San Diego County Office of Education procedures when denying an interdistrict attendance permit:

* The parent has the right to appeal to the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services within 30 days of their denial letter (Level 1).

* The District has 30 days to respond in writing to such appeal (Level 2).

* If the appeal is upheld, the parent is offered the opportunity to meet with the Assistant Superintendent of Education Services or designee within 30 days (Level 3).

* If the appeal is upheld at Level 3, the next step is to appeal to the San Diego County Office of Education.

Revocation of IDT Permit

An acceptance letter is sent to the parent upon approval into the District with conditions of continued enrollment stating, "Please be advised that the following conditions must be met/maintained regarding your child's permit to attend Lakeside Union School District. Your student must meet and maintain all school and district requirements in regards to academics, attendance and behavior. Failure to abide by these conditions, or other school/district policies will result in revocation of your child's interdistrict attendance permit".

* Students deemed to have chronic absenteeism may have their permit revoked at the site or district level.

* Students may have their permit revoked for any violation under Board Policy 5131, Student Conduct.

* Students must maintain good academic standing. Students failing 50 percent or more of their core subject areas may have their permit revoked at the site or district level.


approved: September 17, 2012 Lakeside, California

revised: October 13, 2016